Website designer wanted to join our team as volunteer 网站设计师欢迎加入我们做兴趣工作(无现金报酬)! - Catalog

This website is going to be rebuilt soon, please join our team to contribute your talent if you are a professional website programmer, we are going to give shares to anyone who has the same target to build a great small order, high quality, customized products portal for all over the world, in order to fulfill the accurate demand. 本网站将在近期重建,如果您是一个专业的网站建设程序员,愿意加入我们做技术支持,可以获得相应的网站分成,让我们一起建立一个小批量、高品质、可定制的网上平台,为全球有特殊需求的用户服务,精准满足他们独特的需求。

The Wall

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