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24 Hotel has a very good presentation from design point of view, it looks very elegant, with a coffee pub beside the main entrance, with a big parking space in front of it, really convenient!
However, after checking in, something has to be revealed to the future customers, for reference only.
I have to say, the interior decoration design is very good, but the details are not impressive.
The following points give negative points to this hotel:
1. The room has some mosquitoes, electric mosquito repellent heater was provided but without electric mat!
2. I was thinking to call the general desk to send some to me, but no telephone in the room! I was surprised for this basic communication tool is abandoned! Consequently I was waken up by mosquitoes in the mid-night a few times.
3. The air-conditioner was not working properly, the remote controller could switch on it but can't change the temperature, just like deaf, it can't switch off it, I had to switch it off manually!
4. The engine of probably air-conditioners, other rooms, was quite noise, besides the mosquitoes woke me up, the noise made me can't fall sleep again, that is why I am here writing this review in order to let future potential customers would have an opportunity to know the features of this hotel, to avoid the same experience as I have.
5. The toilet room does not have a door, just an open space to the room, also the shower space does not have a door, the water spread out of the bathroom while I was taking a bath, the dangerous part was, I almost fell down when came out of the bathroom because the floor was very slippery with the wet surface, which was not avoidable.
6. The TV does not have any English channel, at least I hadn't found any after searching for a few minutes, the TV has a front light which was quite annoying to distract when all lights were switched off, I had to unplugged the power from the outlet to switch off it.
7. The location of this hotel is in a reconstruction area, the surface condition of the main road and junctions were not so good, I had to drive very carefully to pass by some pits with water. Actually this hotel was not found from Baidu search, just saw it on my way to another hotel found from Baidu, however, those hotels found were either too small without parking space, or with too noisy environment, this 24 hotel seemed much better from outside, a very good presentation indeed.
Some positive points I should say:
1. Great presentation and design, from outside, to lobby, and corridor, even the hotel room was really good design if we do not judge its functions.
2. Good furniture, at least they look good, solid wood,good designed cups with 24H logo on it, solid wood floor, without carpet, which is good in the damp weather to keep the room clean.
3. The lighting environment was good, warm white color, if getting rid of mosquitoes and noise, it would be a good mood to fall sleep.
4. Bathroom shower head is very good, the shape and function were both good, temperature was easy to adjust, and the floor of the bathroom is a square stone, not slippery at all, compare to the floor outside the bathroom, is really good. And the water runs away from the square stone side, the stone surface is about an inch higher than the floor, makes the elegant square pending.
5. Coffee and some salad could be sent to the room except breakfast by phone call if anyone does not want to show up to the coffee pub on the first floor(But there is not telephone in the room, if a guest comes from other cities or countries, then have to make a long-distance call, which implies a high price of phone charge, especially the international call).
6. Relatively the size of the room is quite big, and the bed is big as well, it could be used for a couple without any feeling of narrow. The width of bed should be 1.8 meter at least.

To wrap up the above pros and cons, I will give 3 stars out of 5, because the hotel is still available if there is no other choice, just stay here one night, no matter the mosquitoes, the noise, no telephone, the room is still a temporary shelter. However, I would not choose it next time because it can't provide a good environment for rest, especially for the mosquitoes, if someone is allergic to it, please get full information before pay your bill to check in this type of hotel.

James Cheung, in Huizhou

The Wall

Apr 27 '17
Please try to translate it into Chinese to enable more readers to see the feedback widely by local travelers, thanks James!
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